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Cause I tried playing a song from my account and it works. It's possible that you were banned from the chats, so you may want to contact the owners and ask them. These are used to differentiate identities when people change usernames.

Then we can all just use that as a shared account for songs?

Also remember that the links expire after a certain amount of time, so make new ones before trying again.26 I see, I think maybe some that I'd been trying out might have been exceeding the character limit. click the name under their icon, this will drop down a menu2. How to "update your status": The so-called "status" always appears when you log in to a chatroom or leave the chatroom but do you know that you can change into cool looking status? This trip code can be accessed by others by clicking on the username of a golden name and clicking on the trip code which will look like something like #Rdy/T6SQx U, which is a hash of the original trip code.72 These are (as the name suggests) rooms that are hidden from the regular chat list.

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Hey, I'm a regular in || Ikebukuro || and Hellkyuu.

I've got a billion tabs open and I'm doing some research about the site shutdown.

You can select one of these rooms from our listing or you can click on Connect A Random Chat Now button if you feel lucky.