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Adult hook up on skype

I'm married and have no interest in skyping with strangers, but that got me thinking -- is this how people meet these days? In my profile, all I have is my picture -- that's it, no information, nothing.

A video call with someone I don't know sounds kind of awkward. They didn't have pictures in their profile, but I'm assuming so. I mentioned early on that I was married so that she didn't get the wrong idea. Then she started asking whether I had ever done sexual stuff over Skype. Lately, I've been getting contact requests from women I don't know.

(I married my high school sweetheart.) I'm curious if this is normal now or what?

I’m here to talk about some things we all have grown to love, SEX and Skype.

I use sexting as a way to first connect with girls and if the app doesn’t function the way I need it to then I get pissed. I strongly suggest that you not waste your time in hopes of finding a virtual fuck session.