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If it’s one thing twenty-somethings and most people of the twenty first century have learnt is that sending naught pictures to another person never usually ends well.

Now, I admit, Snapchat is a great app to use to contact and entertain close friends with incredibly ugly selfies and inside jokes, but it can also be a good way to get down and dirty with your partner, flame, crush, friend with benefits, James Franco or anyone else that you’re lusting over. You can send a dirty picture with the security of knowing that it will either be gone for good in a blink of an eye or that you will have to start interrogating the receiver to delete the picture immediately if they dare take a screenshot…or maybe you find that flattering, either way, it’s a win-win situation. Especially for those twenty-somethings who still can’t afford to move away from home or are living with nosy roommates who are still clueless of the term ‘privacy’?

I believe it mainly does for men but women…not so much.

After I left early from the party Aaron had been chatting me up that night on Facebook chat, which I dismissed because I’d figured he was drunk. This was a huge red flag as I was well aware he was still in a relationship and I sure as hell didn’t want to put myself in some reality TV drama.

So I friend zoned him countless times on Facebook chat, acknowledging him as a ‘bro’ or ‘mate’.

Aaron wasn’t exactly impressed with the way things were going, so the night ended with him and his stiff shetland pony while I fell asleep like a baby. By then, I thought I’d never hear from Aaron again.