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Concerning the stuttering – it was completely away when I switched from USB-Drive to Nas via Wi Fi.

I guess there is some extra Processor load in the Pi from handling the USB-HD instead of being nicely served by a friendly server.

All Resampling is deactivated in (I hope) but since i cannot measure the bit-perfectness of the output, I´m a bit unsure….. MPa D, the controlprogramm on my IPad, tells me 88200 Hz, cat …~hw_params returns 96000.

Thx for enlightenment Christian Hi, it is probably the second one you said… So indeed in this special case there is no bit-perfect replay, depending on the capability of the dac. Please note that also the resampling quality is not so great…

In fact, I hear something -stuttering, but at least audible.