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Poljubi me sad dušo You are like a jewel of the sea.

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Don’t let them or you’ll get stuck in a hellish group chat. If you don’t at least get a kiss, the odds that number will lead to a date is 25% or less. They are accomplished attention whores and will string you along. The best way to fight it is to be more selective about the venues you choose.

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Imas lijepe oči You have beautiful eyes Imaš lijepo guzu You have a nice butt Imaš li dečka/curu? Imaš prekrasne noge You have beautiful legs Izgubio sam svog plišanog medvjedića. Moja ljubavi, moje blago, slatkoćo, moj anđele, moja mala zvijezdo My love, my treasure, sweetness, my angel, my star or little star Pokušavaš li me iskoristiti? Samo me koristiš za seks You’re just using me for sex Ti si moje sunce i ljubav mog života You are my sunshine and the love of my life Tvoja ljepota veća je od sunca Your beauty is greater than the sun Udari me po guzici!!