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But d'you fancy sending a text to Dionne Mendez and Megan Moore, and having them reply to you on live TV?

That is, the viewer would send a text message to the show (like: “Hi girls, lookin’ great! Luv Dave.”), and the girls would literally read out the text and reply to it, verbally, on TV.

Another classified document, citing collaboration between NSA and FBI, said: "Feedback indicated that a collected Skype call was very clear and the metadata looked complete.

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The texts were not being answered by some lad on ‘work experience’ behind the scenes, or by the premium rate phone world’s equivalent to a Twitter bot.

They were being answered by well paid TV personalities - and the texts would need to be sifted and moderated offscreen as a preliminary too.

In other words, the intelligence agency's vast eavesdropping apparatus can't vacuum up and use Skype calls in the same way it reportedly can intercept , requiring it to divulge the contents of a Skype call.

Microsoft's most recent transparency report says the company did not divulge any Skype audio or video content to police in 2012.

Skype now has a backdoor that permits government surveillance of users' video and audio calls, according to a new report in the Guardian.