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The nudes in the exhibit touch on what many would consider taboo subjects of female rites of passage, sexuality, fear and fantasy.One might ask – are nudes of women by women really any different than those by men?

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In 2010, her collaboration 4Sale was shown in New York, Moscow and Poznan, Poland.

Aneta’s work has been reviewed and featured in New York Magazine, Time Magazine, Interview Magazine, , Photograph, T Magazine, Time Out New York, Vice, Elephant, Osmos, Secret Behavior, Purple, Artinfo, Hyperallergic, Modern Painters Daily, The Huffington Post and among others.

She was cited as one of the “5 Rising Art Stars” by the Huffington Post.

She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, where she maintains an active studio.

Throughout history the nude has been the muse of countless artists, yet for the most part, until recently, that perspective has been predominately male.