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Everyone is nothing but litter to these giants, whether they know it or not. Also, this RP will definitely be containing darker themes, so if you're not okay with that, look away now! It's known as one of the best high schools in the country. Of course, like most schools, there's the clique that towers above the rest- the Populars.

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You need to figure out a way to prevent it and get the murderer arrested.~ DO NOT post any info relating to the murderer or any murders on this forum! ♡ Plot ♡[Disclaimer: This RP is using the plot of an unfinished RP of Rose's, so thanks for letting me use it! It's a disgusting cesspool of bullying, filth, and general bad quality. This is what gave Laguna its elite name among other schools.

Their master plan will be uncovered, which will be PMed to the murderer. Because low acceptance rates equal actual quality; your chances of getting into a good college greatly increase.

You will receive the two texts during homeroom, and you will be summoned by a third text to the music room.

~ The RP will begin a day after the "suicides" have taken place.

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