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Fast is approximately your 1-mile PR pace As example, an athlete with a 1-mile PR of 6min (or 22.5sec/100m) would target a moderate pace of 24.5-25.5sec/100m.

Part 1: 6x200m at fast pace w/ 200m jog b/t reps, Rest: 2min Part 2: 6x200m at faster pace (than Part 1) w/ 100m walk b/t reps, Rest: 2min Part 3: 6x200m at faster pace (than part 2) w/ 60sec rest b/t reps. I included the walk) Run 400m plus 30sec heavy or odd object carry. Repeat cycle until you have carried the sand bag a total of 1200m.

Swinging, sometimes referred to as wife sharing, is when married couples or those in committed relationships sleep with other people, often swapping partners to enjoy someone new in an intimate setting.

Their sexual openness lends itself to filming the action, which is often a foursome but can include full parties with a house of people swapping.

All you need is a webcam, a computer, a stable internet connection, and your sexy flirtatious self..