Learn to sex it up webcam

A right-height webcam allows for a more pleasing background.

What’s in your specific background doesn’t matter all that much, so long as it’s not distracting.

Make sure you’re not backlit — the light should come from in front of you (behind your webcam) or from the side, but not from behind.

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Welcome to the future, where you can face search for a live sex webcam performer and be served real-life humans to your telescreen who vaguely resemble the object of your desire within, well, hours depending on how busy the site’s servers are.

(The rush of tech reporters trying to satisfy their appetite to see who their own live sex ‘doppelganger’ might be yesterday clearly put a strain on Megacams.me‘s backend after it announced the new feature.

Searching for it using textual searches is very hard, that’s where technology comes in.

Facial recognition is far more accurate than any textual search could be,” it writes, announcing the feature.

Megacams would say it is doing the face detection portion itself — using the open CV open source library of machine learning and computer vision software, which was originally developed by Intel.