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Up until now, I thought that there was no possible way in the universe that I would be able to fuck any of them. I wanted to do nothing more than suck on her nipples and then ejaculate on the two supple mounds. Not only were they enjoying the feeling of their own breasts being squeezed, but also they were relishing the feeling of each other’s breasts in their hands. I had wanted to lick her insides for years, and it was even better than I expected. All of the other girls stared at me in lustful desire, fingering their pussies furiously while wishing they could be Ellen. She instantly started moaning as I worked my tongue between the looser lips.That belief changed with the arrival of two pieces of news: a new sex shop was opening up in town and there was a new drug out on the streets. “I’ve kissed a boy, but that’s it.” She said honestly. Even with that testicular prolonger, pre-cum was oozing from the head of my cock and soaking my underwear. Her pussy was so small and tight that it was like trying to push my tongue into a fist, but it was just so soft and sweet that I couldn’t get enough of it. Their heavy breathing turned to moans as they became more and more aroused. Because she didn’t have camel toe like Ellen, I was able to work my tongue much farther into her cunt, but because she was still a tiny preteen, that wasn’t too far.

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On one hand, drugging and raping them would send me to jail for the rest of my life if the drugs didn’t erase their memories. “I’m planning on having a “party”, and I was wondering what I should get.” I shrugged as I walked over. Will it be gamey or themed, or just straight-forward? “Mostly straight forward, with some room for a little unorthodox entertainment.” I hummed, holding my hand flat and shaking it from side to side. True, you can keep a couple busy with your dick and your mouth, and maybe a third with your hands, but you still have two left that will feel left out or be annoyed, not to mention that the third with your hands is a long shot. The strap-on is made of a much sturdier rubber to actually help the ones wearing. I handed him the cash and he dropped the two pills into the bag. They were all wearing nothing but t-shirts and panties, so of course, I was struggling to hide my throbbing erection. “I already answered one question, you’ll have to wait until my next turn.” I countered. I heard a shrill moan come from Lisa as she had the next orgasm. My sweet young daughter did as she was told and laid down on the floor in front of the couch. I took a deep whiff of her sweet young cunt and basically dove in.

But on the other hand, just the thought that I might be able to do them and get away with it made masturbating to one of my fantasies even greater. You need to get into the “orgy” state of mind and come prepared for all of them. The gags are made of silicon and are soft enough so that they won’t hurt their teeth, but won’t just collapse in their mouths like gum.” “Perfect, I’ll take them all.” I said, pulling out my credit card. “By the way, I also slipped in a special testicular prolonging pill. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the sight of their bare thighs, barely-hidden ass cheeks, and nipples almost poking through their thin shirts. Seeing her in her thin shirt and skimpy panties was making it nearly impossible for me not to just rip off her clothes and violate here, right on the hardwood floor in front of her friends. I’m going to have some of this too, but I’ll leave plenty for you and your friends.” I hummed as she let go. I grasped her ankles and lifted her up, pulling her up onto the back of her neck with her back set against the base of the couch and her ass in the air. I buried my lips and chin in her pussy, slurping up all of her orgasmic juices.

Her name is Julia, and she’s in second place in the maturing competition between the five. “Dare.” Julia answered, trying to sound like a pro. The enhanced Ecstasy was energizing their hormones, causing them to be aroused by things that wouldn’t normally arouse them.

She has no sense of modesty, she wears open tops to show off her barely evident cleavage, she’s always wearing skimpy shorts or miniskirts, and I know for a fact she flirts with me. “I dare you and Anna to feel each other’s breasts.” I interrupted. “Come on girls, why should she be the only one to have fun?

Her second friend has light-brunette hair and loves horses.