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Social networking sites, like Facebook, often have IM and e-mail components.E-mail, IM, and chat room programs let children communicate with friends and family members.E-mail Through e-mail, users can easily send and receive messages.

They can also allow children to connect with people that they have never met in person, making them vulnerable to online predators, cyberbullies, and scam artists.

Knowing a little about each of these communication services, and the associated risks, can help parents, guardians, and other trusted adults keep children safer while online.

However, these online communication services, along with chat rooms, continue to be an important part of children’s online interactions.

E-mail accounts, for example, are often necessary to join social networking sites, online games, and virtual worlds.

Signing up for an e-mail account is simple, as most services offer them for free and do not check the identities of users.


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