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Ramos and his colleagues in Univision to justify all the mistakes done by the illegal immigrants under the theory that all sanctions against them by different authorities of the United States like local governments, police, or schools are racial persecution. Ramos at the Press conference in Iowa led people to think he just wanted to show the naive Hispanic electorate he is a martyr persecuted by the Republican Party.

Also the obsessive campaign of Univision against Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona proves once more that Mr. His system of emitting political theories, instead of asking questions, backfired against him, and produced a backlash of support for Mr. REASONS TO BELIEVE OBAMA DOES NOT LOVE THIS COUNTRY HIS INDIRECT IDENTIFICATION AS MUSLIM.

President Obama said : “The world will be better off, without Gaddafi, NATO, will chase Gaddafi”.

James Clapper, military adviser, said: “that supporting the revolutionary group it would lead to the civil war and Gaddafi regimen will prevail” One of Muslim assistants of President Obama required the resignation of Mr. For several weeks I requested an interview with Mr. That is why I decided to go to the press conference in Iowa to get my interview. Jorge Ramos, the correspondent from the Spanish Univision TV channel. Ramos indicates somebody living in a period of political fantasy, as a result of President Obama conceding, exclusively for personal political interest, unconstitutional rights to Mexicans who came here breaking the American law.

In speeches given at Cairo University and the Turkish Congress at the beginning of his first term, President Obama identified himself as HUSSEIN OBAMA, a name that was not used in this country, and promised to promote the Muslim religion in the United States.