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But processed kibble and canned products were not then – nor are they now – what a dog was born to eat. All of us – humans and animals – should have fresh, wholesome, unprocessed food in our daily diet." THE GRAIN Virtually all dog food brands are heavily based on fiber-heavy grains and cereals. But dogs have a short straight digestive tract designed for meat. To make matters worse, GOOD-quality grain is reserved for the human market.

No, your dog gets meat from cows and chickens jammed together in pens and warehouses where the animals can barely move.

Much of this meat fails to make the cut for the human market – 4D meat from livestock that was ead when it arrived at the slaughterhouse.

Marketing firms spent an enormous amount of money planting this awful idea in the public's mind. Most people would soon be climbing the walls in frustration, desperate for a salad or some fruit – anything whole and fresh, or just different.

Today commercial diets are aggressively promoted by multi-billion-dollar pet food corporations and the veterinary industry, both of whom have a huge financial stake in getting you to feed these products. Perhaps the thought of eating kibbles for the rest of your own life helps make the point that pets forced to do so are being shortchanged. You might never think to connect these problems with the grain in your dog's diet, but that is often the case.

my bow is shoddy, it's homemade, but that was my first try,i WILL get better because i know i can, i will also be posting photos of the making of my first one with my own instructable.