Download Sample images The images for the regulaur i Pad looked good enough for a splash screen on the retina i Pad, but here is the code for it if you want it, no images supplied for this.

For i Pad launch images, do not include the status bar region.

Modern parents worry that their kids are getting all their sex education from smartphone videos of bumming that get passed around on the bus.


Between 19, teens and tweens with a limited social life and access to late night terrestrial television were treated to a thirty minute uncensored parade of the horrifying and the horny, courtesy of hosts Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Antoine was the Jon Stewart of smut, and I’m not sure anyone has given as many sideways glances to side boobs before or since.

Once this is added you will need to add the images to your project.

Here are some sample images to show you the aspect ratio of the image and the correct size for them.

There are no fabrics and fibres that cannot go near your hoo haa for the sake of gratification I thought I would spend my knicker wearing life trapped in a prison of 100 per cent cotton nipple covering Sloggi specials.