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Thank you for creating such a great club and I look forward to seeing more as the reno’s are being completed! Been to 2 other “lifestyle” clubs expecting the same as X-Club, I was greatly disappointed. Better than any fantasy of the Playboy Mansion:) X Club is alway’s #1….people try different club and alway’s keep coming back….it’s not only the place is the people in the club…..

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After this we changed to nude and entered the very nice classy open lounge from where we have heard an excited woman moaning for long. I got up and danced for a while and started feeling the sensuous atmosphere. It was amazing to watch other people out there and be allowed to fool around too. The sounds, the passion, the greatness of the whole thing. It was nothing like we had ever experienced before. The cleanliness of the club made us feel safe, the entire staff made us feel very welcome (in particular the staff member who gave us a tour of the back area) and the patrons were very respectful of our privacy and when we were being watched it was done with a high level of class. It was never “bad” before-but it is REALLY good now.

We occupied the last of three small lounge beds and had a great time with the two other couples having fun very close to us. No more strip joints where you just get to sit and watch, doing nothing. We were blown away by the X Club and are very happy to be members going forward. We attended Saturday night with our girlfriend who also remarked it was a party unlike any other and is asking to come back!

I have met a couple of couples there and have had a great time chatting and dancing and….well, let’s just leave that to your imagination. I had a really nice evening but unfortunately had to leave earlier. Just wanted to thank you for this great job, great and superb atmosphere.

*smiling* We just attended the Cowboy and Cowgirl theme night and enjoyed our night immensely. Cheers, Sheila We’ve been to the club now a couple of times and love it!

A club that doesn’t create a divide between regular life and the lifestyle, but instead embraces and melds both…love it! We got to the door and we were greeted by one of the owners, who welcomed us inside and told us once we were in, he would personally give us a tour. How there are rules and they are strictly policed by staff. Even at the end of the night we thought the same lol. Have a great week and we may be seeing you sooner than we thought.