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Okay, so maybe the magazine wasn`t that stupid after all...

(lean in and whisper) Striptease in a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

Desk (after talking to Adrian) [go to reception] Look at the receptionist. (Laughs) Yeah, I wouldn`t have much trouble deciding whose butt to stare at if James and Frank walked by.

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Is there really no one you`d like to have an actual relationship with? For all your bravado, you`re really just a scared little boy, aren`t you? The first condition is that you find a sexy schoolgirl outfit that my husband will love to see me in, and you don`t make any lewd comments about it.

You know my proportions by just looking at me, don`t you? [return to clothing shop] That proprietor really is a piece of work.

My martial arts instructor`s name is Christine, and she also does security.

[go to the kitchen at the house and click the note on the table] Beware!

I think you should go to the bar at the mall and pretend to be a bored husband looking to score.