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En 2014, French Montana devient le compagnon de Khloé Kardashian avec qui il se sépare en milieu 2015 ; French était également le compagnon de la rappeuse Trina et de l'actrice Sanaa Lathan.

“Two passports / Three cities / Two countries / One day / Now that's worldwide,” he boasts. Produced by DJ Budha, TJR and Marc Kinchen, this 2012 ' Global Warming' track has become Pit's signature dance-pop song, tailor-made for the club with its spicy, horn-laden, house beats. On ' Hey Baby,' the Miami native boasts about bagging all the women he desires.

The accompanying video was so hot, that it was banned in the U. “Not a goon or a goblin, I'm a monsta / Because I hit all of the baddest women in the world / Gangsta,” he raps.

T-Pain comes through with his Auto-Tuned vocals encouraging women to drop it all the way down to the floor and shake their moneymakers. 3 on our list of the top Pitbull songs is probably his most well-known club song to date.

Under heavy Latin rhythms and a more subdued dancehall beat, this bumpin' track was a worldwide smash during the height of the reggaeton explosion back in 2004.

Even when we’re not here, the room is drawing a lot of power.