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There is an ongoing debate over the “real character” of mass rapes in Bosnia, in which a Croatian journalist, informed by Mac Kinnon’s main local partners in Croatia, upholds the concept of “genocide by procreation” as the only acceptable understanding of these “unique crimes.”Mirko Petric3 Ultimately, their intention was to destroy the Muslim and Croatian ethnic groups in Bosnia.

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Several reprinted documents in Zbornik (see supra note 4) underline that our primary request was that the data on abused women not be interpreted, and thereby opened to nationalist misuse, before "everything ends" and the full picture of what was happening on all sides made available.

We stressed the need to pursue research on the concrete circumstances of these events.

Disillusioned men and frustrated soldiers attacked or threatened their partners with guns, rifles, bombs, or military knives.

Feminists pointed out the congruity between ethnic chauvinism and sexism: In both, differences are exaggerated, “Others” are perceived stereotypically, as of minor human value and as a threat to the nation and masculinity; domination and hierarchy are perceived as natural and worth the infliction of cruelty and violence.

On the other, to be a feminist within the nation provoked political, and sometimes even bodily, threat.


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