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She watched them from the window and actually took a picture of the two of them fighting just to prove that this all was really happening. Tara’s looking up at him, hurt, her hands on her hips. If he’s dating all of these women at the same time, you may be a victim of John’s too. The email Suzanne sent Phoebe was actually the third “Hey everyone, our boyfriend John’s a cheater” email that Phoebe had gotten. And in general, most Asian women already go into online dating with their guard up. STEPHANIE: A while ago, I also looked up John’s OKCupid account. His profile said he was interested in a relationship. And if I hadn’t don’t know, if I hadn’t known, if I hadn’t talked to these girls, it could have been me. She wrote to me to tell me to watch out, that the guy had yellow fever and would try to hit on me. And really soon after, I matched with another dude on a dating website, who messaged me that he had to warn me about something and told me to call him. Our website is, which was designed in partnership with Athletics. They are also covering race and dating, but from an entirely different perspective.

PHOEBE: And I got the email, so I emailed them back and say, Hey it’s not just you guys. PHOEBE: There’s three generations obviously and so- STEPHANIE: Three generations?! I like how you describe it as generations, it’s so sick. We refer to men who only date Asian women as having “yellow fever.” But nobody had been prepared for John’s version, the scale of it. Suzanne, Elizabeth, and Phoebe got together over some wine and they realized that they really liked each other. I mean, I was in a relationship when I first met Suzanne, so like the threat was still kind of theoretical. But also like, just to play devil’s advocate here, a lot of people tend to date people of one race, like most people have a type. And people are always telling me like, what’s the problem, what if I have a preference for Jewish girls?

Xero Mailchimp ALEX GOLDMAN: From Gimlet, this is Reply All, a show about the Internet. And everyone knows that when it comes to online dating people can be really non-committal, unwilling to settle down.

And one of the things about doing a show about the internet is that people are often suggesting that you do stories about online dating, and we often choose not to, and then a few weeks ago our friend Stephanie Foo who’s normally a producer at This American Life that was unlike any online dating story that either of us had ever heard. STEPHANIE FOO: So a couple years ago, I interviewed this girl. She lives in San Francisco and she’d met this really cute guy on Ok Cupid.

A very diverse community with diverse specialized web sites and many features: blogs, forums, chats, and more. Sort of a hybrid dating site with many of the features of social networking sites, and lots of ways to communicate. And still love that there is no gimmicks, no waiting to leave a message or you have to pay to view your messages... Out of all these sites this is the only one I've even heard of!


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