Are billy corgan and tila tequila dating

(Apparently these things happen in Hollywood.) She lived in a downtown high rise, drove a BMW, never did drugs, and barely drank. I probably talked to Jane maybe three times, and the rest was all Tila. As she got busier with events and TV appearances, Jeff and his clean-cut crew fell out of touch with her.Musician Hollywood Undead—"casually dated" her from 2004 - 2006, when Tila used to come by his house and "take care of us boys. Or, I thought that at first, but then, when I would ask about Jane, she wouldn't know what I was talking about. ' and she'd say, ' What do you mean? Tila's big turning point was at the end of 2006, when her niche appeal finally crossed over into the mainstream with a profile in 's "Person of the Year: You" issue (totally fitting that our new anti-hero was part of the most universally reviled "Person of the Year") and the beginning of 2007, when MTV built bisexual dating show I believe that.

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(Where she reportedly lived in the projects, was a juvenile delinquent, and got the ' Tequila' nickname from a Mexican gang.) She promoted herself on Friendster—which kicked her out five times—then, at the behest of My Space founder Tom Anderson, switched to his network in 2003, which is when the professional fameballing begins.

From roughly 2003 - 2006, she ran with a crowd of straight-edge musicians and second-generation Scientologists.

Little is known about this odd couple and their relationship so I decided to make up this completely fake oral history of this romance for the ages.

Billy Corgan: I’ll never forget Tila’s opening line.

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