are karina and rocco dating - Armstrong dating hilton lance paris

What does it say about him though that no one believes him?What it says is that clearly Avery is a jerk-off almost as universally despised as Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton.

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And in the face of mounting public hate, he is of course pulling out the lawsuit card.

Funny he never threatened to sue when he was exposed by several players in the league for being a racist. As for Ashley – after two weeks, things have apparently not cooled off between her and Lance Armstrong. A report has surfaced from Radar today that one of Lance’s twin girls took Lance’s twin girlfriend to class the other day for show and tell. Here he is at the Valentino Gala over the summer with his last girlfriend Tory Burch who looks curiously like his ex Sheryl Crow both of whom bear more than a passing resemblance to his ex wife Kik.

A bunch of skinny crybabies that can't even pull drunk fat girls at last call are arguing over a TABLOID article about a supposed celebrity relationship.