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Ashley's big break came when she got to audition for the film, Twilight, based on Stephenie Meyer's popular book series.She originally auditioned for "Bella", but, as she says herself, "I was no Bella". I hadn't read the books, but I read them because they wouldn't release the script or breakdown.

She says most fans relate to her on a "best friend" level rather than screaming at her hysterically.

Ashley has already begun filming other roles and has high hopes for her career outside of the "Twilight" franchise.

it's now official, and her insurance company has to pony up over $305k to pay for the damage.

hotties Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone are a couple you guys are rooting for, but how serious are they?

Ashley had previously worked in restaurants but, like the rest of her fellow "Twilight" cast-mates, Ashley found herself suddenly thrust into the limelight.