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Amn[quote]Someone referred to "Tyler's side piece." Is he bi? Guy is shown enjoying making food (always for others), eating the food that others make, and setting up challenges for others in making food. Why in fuck's sake would anyone want to drink barbecue sauce??? I don't care at all about a chefs personal life, honestly. Luckily she had the love of a good man, the Governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo. I think Alton Brown is funny on Cutthroat Kitchen - I know it's a mess of a show but I like it and I like how he's kind of cruel and sarcastic with the contestants. I like Ina, Good Eats was great, Tyler's Ultimate was good.

She lives with him in the Governor's Mansion in Albany, but they are not married. Here they are together this past Sunday, leading the Pride Parade past the newest National Monument, Stonewall, along with Madame President Hillary and Mayor Do-Nothing De Blasio. I like some of the judges too, like Antonia Lafaso (I still remember her from Top Chef) and MAJUMDAR. I especially hate the ones with amateurs and wanna-be chefs. Sandra Lee was unwatchable as was the Neely's Back when I was in high school, Emeril's hour live cooking shows seemed so awesome to me. Hubby and I have determined which music is "Gay friend goes shopping," which is "Gay friend sets table/arranges flowers," and "Gay friend brings post-coital fuckbuddies over for cocktails and a nosh."R2.... Good god, why do humans insist on doing that shit to their bodies.

I have a section of live girls on cam (my personal favorite! I am so excited to meet you I might just need a new pair of panties.

I love Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen, Marcus Samuelsson, and Amanda Freitag. Somebody posted in a thread about the Deens that Bobby and Jamie have different fathers.

Her younger brother Igor is incredibly hot and had appeared on her shows many times. Funny that almost every single one of the ones you've mentioned have had some sort of problem: Rachel - cheating husband who likes to get pissed on by whores. Nigella - Coke fiend who gets choked out by her man! Some of Pat's family dislike Gina because when he married her she took over the business and started letting people go and bossing his brothers around. She goes on about quality ingredients because quality does matter. Not that it's been snooty and upper-class all this time, but it's lowering the bar more and more each year,[quote]Jeffrey Zakarian and Bobby Flay both seem like total dickholes! The show jumped the shark then."Guy Fieri is absolutely not racist. He loves black people, asian people, latino people, and white people.