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maybe i should do more research (in my own code) before i go all nutso and post flaming rants on forums where i already know the answer. with a datagrid: dim txt as Text Box dim str as string txt = CType(e. what if i want to extract the text from a hyperlink column cell? Extract Values From Cell is an additional way to get the value or (in the case of a Template Field, values) from the cell without having to know the type of the control in the cell. The Cell's Text property is set only when you're using a Bound Field and it's in readonly mode. For a Hyperlink Field, try: i don't know what i was doing before that i wasn't able to retrieve values.

Edit Index = -1 End Sub Protected Sub gv Search_Row Canceling Edit(By Val sender As System. i looked back at some code for a datagrid i had used and noticed that i do, in fact, rebind at every event. ok, so here's something that i think is a legitimate gripe, now that we've moved past the editing mode: retrieving values. and, i still haven't figured out how to get read-only values from cells. You can still search through the Cell's Controls collection to find your control (in the case of a Hyperlink Field, your control is of type Hyperlink), cast it to the right type, and then get the value you care about.

The second is used when you set the Data Source property of the control to something that implements either IEnumerable or IList Source.

The first is used when you set the Data Source ID property to the ID of a data source control.

This code demonstrates how to Add/Insert, Update, delete, edit in Devexpress aspxgridview.