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Anyone who comes across Togetic in the wild will want to catch it — I mean, look at the cute 'lil bugger.

Adding Togetic to your collection through a wild encounter may be way harder than it sounds, however.

The Sydney Morning Herald has referred to the podcast as "an influential podcast on gaming", and Sumea, Australia's leading gaming industry resource said, "they're the Roy and H. of gaming", and produce not only the best local gaming podcast around, but is up there with the best the rest of the world has to offer".

In November 2006 the podcast was listed as one of i Tunes Music Store's featured podcasts for Australia, prominently joining ABC Radio and the National Geographic Podcast.

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw is occasionally featured on the podcasts, as a recurring guest.

Australian Gamer has become somewhat infamous in the local industry as being outspoken and controversial.

The site previously featured a semi-regular Penny Arcade-style comic update illustrated by Guy Blomberg and is accompanied by a "rant" by Matt Burgess on the same topic.