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Tickets are only $33.00 Prepaid until Tuesday 13th then $45.00 Day Of Event so please purchase your ticket now before there is a wait list! Renessa is a author of two books, speaker and expert on dating.

You can spend hundreds of dollars within the next two months with online dating, paying for gas, drinks and dinner and have no guarantee of 8 fun dates. She is “Americas Most Love Dating Coach” and has helped thousands of single find love.

You may attend the evenings that you feel are most important to you at this time. Why is he making some people so happy and others so angry?

For more information visit our Come for coffee and fellowship at am; class starts at 11am. We are currently studying the good news message of Mark. We will journey along with Mark’s audience as we try to answer these questions for ourselves.

We always have new faces for you to meet because of all of our marketing efforts! From there, we will begin the speed dating from PM to PM! Register at MATCH DATE LOVE for an event in your age group. Gather with 50-200 single professionals at a popular lounge near you. Have 8 one-on-one conversations that last 8 minutes each. Meet anyone else who catches your eye during intermission or after your 8th date. To keep the conversations comfortable and safe, participants don’t ask each other for contact information. When you meet someone you want to see again, write their name on your Dating Card. After the event, MATCH DATE LOVE gathers all of the dating cards. Whenever two people enter each other’s names, we provide contact information so you can arrange a 2nd date!