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Fellow protestor Oliver Bordinski was convinced that the German government had made up damning statistics to pursue its anti-bestiality agenda. “500,000 animals apparently die from sexual abuse each year, which is complete nonsense.” He said moralists had a distorted image of all zoophiles violently abusing animals with sex toys. Kiok nodded beside him, clutching a bundle of leaflets on bestiality. “We reject any kind of force, violence and abuse and it hurts our souls to see animals suffer.” And this is what ZETA seems so desperate to convey: “We are pro-animal rights but we are being discriminated nevertheless.” “We cannot do anything about being zoophiles, and so are trying handling our inclinations responsibly,” it concludes.

On the front is an attractive woman nose to nose with a dog. Bordinski cited societal prejudice as the reason behind the government’s decision.

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