dating the cancer woman - Blogger feedburner not updating

In my site I have disabled right click feature; disabled Ctrl U option, disabled text selection and many more, but still my content was copying by content theft. If you are using Feed Burner then your email list has grown up significantly.

Finally I discovered that content thief copying my content from Feedburner. Because Google search robot found same content in 5 to 6 sites. And if you delete your Feed Burner account and moved to new newsletter services then many existing users won’t noticed about it, As a result you may lose many subscriber from your current Feed Burner account.

I won’t say that Feedburner hasn’t any significant effect on our daily blogging but there are many reasons that we should not use Feedburner anymore.

We have seen Google Blogger has updated their all products except Feedburner. Even it hasn’t any beautiful subscription form for potential subscribers.

Feedburner hasn’t any option to control their email.