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Claims to be the main continuation of the original CPI(ML). At the other end of the spectrum are the groups that seem to have effectively abandoned the whole idea of peoples war and/or armed revolution, and now focus on reformist struggle and the electoral path.

After 2000, a splinter group from the CPI(ML) Red Flag, led by someone named Rauf, merged with CPI(ML) Naxalbari. This category includes: The CPI (Maoist) is by far the largest of these, incorporating as it does the two largest pre-merger groups engaged in guerrilla warfare.

At one end of the spectrum are groups which are either already engaged in armed struggle, or else which support the idea of participating in armed struggle either immediately, or else after short-term preparations are complete.

88]: There are three main categories of revolutionary organizations in India which are either Maoist, or strongly influenced by Maoism.

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