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'As far as she (Rihanna) and I are concerned, she knows my heart and I know her heart.I am not really focused on the negative, everything is positive for me. So I am not going to focus my life on pleasing those people.I did my 52 weeks of couselling and learned it was absolutely wrong.' 'It was domestic violence counselling. Every Monday in Virginia, I remember going, sitting in there thinking "why did I do what I did? The only thing I can do is please my family, myself and please her (Rihanna) and my fans.' 'I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident and that time was probably the worst part of my life and being that she has and she’s a wonderful person I’m eternally grateful and thankful,' he said.

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They love painting and listening to music together," the source said adding that the Asian model has already met with little Royalty.

"She loves Ro Ro.""But the most serious gift he's given her is the key to his house! "That's huge for him because he wants her to know that he's serious about her.

While he continued to prove to Rihanna and the whole world that his changed man now, he is circling around the singer and showering her and her family with expensive gifts after she returned to Barbados in the wake of her recent split.

It's pretty obvious that Chris was allegedly "going hard" to try and win Rihanna's since hi know that the way to her is through her family.

He basically has an open door policy with her and that's new for him."Brown's Los Angeles-based model girlfriend first made headlines in October when she was spotted with the singer at his San Diego concert.