Christina ricci dating johnny depp

Revellers watched amazed as the Edward Scissorhands star, 35, openly snogged Addams Family star Christina who, at 18, is almost half his age.

One onlooker said the pair were "all over each other like a rash" as they kissed at a corner table for more than an hour.

STEPHEN REBELLO: The last time we talked, you'd spent part of the morning fishing one of your credit cards out of a toilet. CHRISTINA RICCI: Actually, this morning someone hit my car as I was driving on Rodeo Drive. I went to Neiman Marcus, but apparently they're too high-class to have linens. Then, when I'm in the middle of giving the police report, this teenage girl comes up and asks for my autograph. " Q: Well, at least casting agents are as eager as teen fans to get to you.

I went there to buy linens because I'm going to Paris in a few days and I want the loft I'm staying in to seem more like mine. A: All of a sudden, I'm a serious actress instead of the girl from I thought it was pretty close to one. Q: Tim Burton has said that he wanted to make the film in the style of those old Hammer movies, like come off that way? A friend told me there's some big, ridiculous billboard of the film that's basically me and my cleavage--my costumes were all, like, push-up bras.

Q: Tim Burton has said he thinks you look like the daughter of Bette Davis and Peter Lorre. A: I didn't like the way I looked and I used to be more insecure about other actresses. Of course I'm not going to get the part." Q: But aren't you pretty satisfied with where you are? One magazine did a story on three different body types and mine was described as soft, round, no muscle. W called me "the young Delta Burke." Then, Good Housekeeping did a story on Hollywood heavyweights and named me as one. I weigh 105 pounds and wear a size two, but, for some reason I'm a heavyweight.

A: That's pretty nice, but I don't know who Peter Lorre is. It shows you how completely gross and uncultured my generation is. Have you felt pressure to tone that down now that you're looking to get mainstream leading-lady roles? A: Pretty satisfied, yeah, but you always want everything. Q: Maybe you should write a book titled "Wake Up, I'm Thin." A: [Laughs] Maybe.

In fear of that decision, we present, for posterity, five of the very few nude/sex/nude sex scenes featuring Ms.