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Dating a remington model 700

It was used very much but still shoots very good and overall is still in very good condition. L is Feb and so on then this site will help you determine the year by useing the list under remington will get you close ,,some letters were used more than once so you need to know the year range for your gun ,,your 700 series was introduced in 1962 so your year date should fall from 1962 -? Can you please tell me where to find this number or a site that offers a photo of the location please? Both Remingtons have a number on their receiver like you say.

I did hear the letters have to do with the month they were manufactured. The Woods Master Model 742/30/06number begins with an "A: and seems to be formatted just as the web site says.

It is#: 164344 Can you tell me why the Model 700/.243 has only numbers with no letter designation like the web sites & everyone I've e-mailed all say it should?

It looks like an authentic Remington rifle and not some Chinese knock off..... Thanks, mike As far as I know Remington has never explained how it came up with its serial number convention.

If these additional pieces of information still do not clear up the year of manufacture, contacting Remington Customer Service with the firearms serial number will be required.


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