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The mountains hold the heat and humidity at night, releasing them mid-morning like a laundry dryer vent. He was our best linebacker, 6'1", 200lbs, a young man built and cut to fight to the death in ancient Rome.

By afternoon, the pavement, the trees, and the grass are begging for cool water, but nothing cool is expected until the early weeks of autumn. The Gladiator earned the moniker "our most dangerous player." That's what the coaches said. He was ultra-tough, possessing a great deal of physical courage and a nose for the football.

That's 6.2 miles, I thought, a couple of miles more than the three to four per day I put in. To this end, I drove in my automobile around Morgantown to measure a six mile loop from my house and back.

On what could possibly have been the ugliest day of that winter season, I decided to take on this new challenge.

As of this writing, bipolar disorder cannot be cured.