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See more » As a kid I watched this film many times, as it had four key things that it had (and still has) going for it: 1) a story that does not skim on really putting peril for the characters (the separation sequence on the ship is absorbing, but also devastating if you're heavily invested in Fievel and his father); 2) good songs that aren't too preachy, and with enough emotional tug to be Disney-like, but unusual or unexpected in some of the styles of; 3) how the characters are animated- I love the variety given to the different mice and cats and how the humans are wisely left in the shadows or with just a hand or a foot; and 4) the comedy in the film balances without a fault with the comedy.

In terms of subject matter, there is a lot of historical background information that kids today may have no care for, but it doesn't matter; Fievel and his family could be any immigrant mouse family, and really the core of the story (the importance of family and love) is what carries it through.

Délaissée, la plus célèbre bande de jouets se retrouve... Les bambins déchaînés et leurs petits doigts capables de tout arracher sont une vraie menace pour nos amis !

Il devient urgent d'échafauder un plan pour leur échapper au plus vite.

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