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As a latino I can testify that Latinas are the sexiest women in the world.What can be more breathtaking than a pair of exotic eyes, long dark hair and a soft accent?We are passionate and emotional, and if you doubt it just watch a latino soap opera and discover our key value: life is worthless without love. Besides, you can learn the most basic phrases: Besame ahora (Kiss me now), Abrazame, (Hug me), vamos a acurrucar (let’s snuggle).

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You are not only gaining a boyfriend but also a new mom, dad, brothers, sisters, uncles and cousins.

Be ready to be called cousin, uncle, nephew, niece, brother, or son.

A friend of mine married a Peruvian woman and was delighted to taste their cuisine.

He always disliked sushi, but now he enjoys Ceviche (a raw fish Peruvian dish) regularly. If you begin a relationship with us, you also begin a relationship with our family.

I asked him how they were able to overcome all their cultural differences.