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” moment of the day: KAYS (1D: [Strikeout symbols, in baseball])– Henry Chadwick, 19th century sportswriter, is known as the man who invented the way of scoring baseball and box scores, and also is credited for introducing KAYS (well, Ks) as the symbol for a strikeout. Because, according to stories, Chadwick used the last letter in “struck,” as the first letter, S, was already used as a symbol to denote a sacrifice.

Solving LA Times crossword it’s all about being able to surpass your current knowledge, learn new words and also test the stuff that you already know as well.

Dating letters crossword

Least favorable crossing for those not fluent in crosswordese: 19a. The revealer phrase is split across 52d and 59d: SET IN / STONE.

The seven long Across theme answers have precious or semiprecious stone names hidden in the circled letters, and their starred crossing Downs have the letters SET criss-crossing the space between the two chunks of stone name.

I do remember some of the bad fill, like LEE J., RYN on top of AJA (as a constructor, I have been to the place where you have to put RYN on top of AJA, and it’s not a place I like going–at least they cross CUSHY JOB), AITS, YES I SEE? Looking back at it now, there’s some good fill too, like ALEPPO, T-BALL, J. Mostly just unobjectionable fill, which is fine-good. The arrangement of black squares has me seeing a giant white S.

Coincidentally, “Giant White S” was one of my childhood nicknames. As seems to be my trend lately, I sailed through the northern hemisphere and came to a screeching halt down south.

“Well, I’ll bet Newton really made a lot of compromises in the fill with all those thematic constraints on the grid.” If you ask me, the plural SWISSES cheeses is about the worst thing in the grid, and certainly I’ve seen more crosswordese and blah stuff in smaller puzzles this week.