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The two play Depression-era union organizers who try to save a pack of California apple pickers... RELATED: Photos: The 2017 Orchid Show brings a Thai garden to the Bronx It also has the distinction of being the dinosaur find that began...A Philadelphia judge sentenced a confessed heroin dealer to 16 1/2 to 30 years in prison on Friday for selling a fentanyl-laced batch of heroin that caused at least one fatal overdose.

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“I’m pretty good with ideas, but I’d have to really work on that one because I think Emily can attest that my vocabulary’s a little limited,” Boreanaz laughs. You have to make up a whole story out of thin air, not to mention all the technical stuff.

“I get my words out but sometimes they don’t make sense.” “I always understand what you mean, though, David,” reassures Deschanel. I would be much more inclined to direct before I would try to write an episode.” Catch up with the duo and meet the new “squintern” tonight on Fox at 8.

“[Bones] does not care for the way she guesses about things and makes assumptions,” says Deschanel.

The new intern is “kind of an intuitive person,” which is not the sort of decision-making that Bones generally approves of, but her hunches have a habit of turning out to be right. For now, don’t expect either star to take a journey behind the camera in the direction of the writers’ room.

A 21-year old right back, Murillo has been rumored to join the club for a couple weeks now, a move hinted at recently by WFAN’s Glenn Crooks who tweeted that a signing from Panama was forthcoming. The two swore they’d work together again, and after some failed projects, they finally have. The 89th annual award ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and will be hosted by first-timer Jimmy Kimmel. Sometimes they’re operating on erroneous assumptions. And you know what happens when you assume: you make an ass of yourself and a $150 million movie. The American Museum of Natural History has brought out dozens of never-before-seen fossils for a new exhibit, Sauropods at the Museum.