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For less time, money and energy than what an online dating membership provides, you will exponentially meet dozens more people who are also committed to the process of enhancing their social circles – all in a relaxed, natural setting.

Don’t eat dinner alone – with "Dinner for 8" the possibilities are endless!

“We say from about 30 to 75, and they are all coming from different places,” says Nan Cohen, the co-founder of Dinner For 8. So why not spend a night, or two or three, getting to know some new people? “They may not know people, but they are not real comfortable walking into a room and seeing a bunch of strangers.” Cartiff says the idea of an informal, small-group dining experience is hardly new.

” Enter Dinner For 8, which is a program designed for single, divorced and widowed individuals. “Back in the ‘90s, when I was working with single programming at a local community center, I was charged with coming up with different program ideas and events.

2016 was spent listening intently to members, as well as potential members, explain to us what they expected from Dinner For 8.