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Inspecting Meg's wind chime sculptures, Jo realizes that the most likely method to successfully deploy DOROTHY's sensors into a tornado would be to add additional body surface to catch the wind.As they reach the F5, the team adds aluminum from soda cans to work as wind flaps, but the deployment of DOROTHY III is a failure (DOROTHY III is T-boned by a tree branch).They soon learn that an F3 tornado has formed near some hills, but they have trouble finding it.

Twister is a 1996 American disaster film starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as storm chasers researching tornadoes.

It was directed by Jan de Bont from a screenplay by Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin.

The plot is a dramatized view of research projects like VORTEX of the NOAA.

The device used in the movie, called "Dorothy," is copied from the real-life TOTO, used in the 1980s by NSSL.

As Jo jumps out to gather the dozens of mini sensors, the tornado lifts and touches down closer.