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Amy Winehouse and some soulful classics suit Mocking Bird’s cool but mellow space well, and the coffee is good but small. THINGS CAFÉ Address: 1 Floor, Old Apartment Building, 14 Tôn Thất Đạm Street, District 1: [MAP] Opening Hours: 9am-10pm daily Contact: 08 66 786 205 | On the first floor of the same run-down yet intriguing apartment building as Mockingbird, Things Café has a similar trendy, bohemian feel to it.

Alcoholic cocktails are also available, and the little, leafy balcony with fairy lights makes this a good place to bring a date. Tiled floors, wooden furniture, table lamps, chess boards and Murakami books lying around create an extremely mellow mood.

Outside seating, under the canopy of trees, remains cool in the dappled sunlight of even the fiercest of dry season days.

Raised wooden walkways lead from one ‘tree house’ to the next and stepping stones guide you through tasteful water features, adorned with reclining Buddhas, giant earthenware vases and faux classical busts.

‘Modern’ cafes often have a theme: an artistic or architectural movement, a famous band or person, a nation or religion.