Dos height matter dating

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Almost all the girls I've asked out have rejected me because of my height (some were pretty rude about it as well).

Girls as short as 5 feet have rejected me stating that I'm not tall enough for them.

Girls under 5'4'' have the opposite, they may be loud and shout to get attention but most seek to want a guy to hold them, have big arms and look after them.

For me I've found that the key range of the balance between feeling like a trophy to maintain and feeling like your their to look after someone, is about the range of 5'5'' to 5'9''. But that makes 5'8 about the perfect balance of wow and ah!

Is it really because of my height, or is it something else? You have an average height its not called short buddy. Girls who rejected you are not taller than you i guess. Maybe they are looking for other qualities in their date like money, looks etc so dont worry.


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