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Contrary to popular myth, recent research has found that carrying a few extra pounds makes for better health.We also tend to forget that over-exercising can cause problems ranging from damaged tendons and ligaments to arthritis as we age.

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So the kids have grown up and you’ve just returned to the dating scene after being married for years.

But dating is a whole different ball game now you’re in your fifties.

It’s generally agreed that the never-ending stream of air-brushed images of size zero celebrities is damaging to young women, contributing towards eating disorders, body dysmorphia and problems with self-esteem. I believe we, too, are being done a disservice by our obsession with any celebrity nearing or past her half-century who can maintain the contours of a 16-year-old and appear in a bikini looking a vision of perfection. The statistics seem to suggest not: for, alarmingly, we’re seeing more and more older women — in their 50s, 60s and even 70s — with serious body issues.

Eating disorders in older women have increased by 42 per cent in the past 11 years — leading to all kinds of health problems such as osteoporosis, heart, liver, digestive and gastro-intestinal problems, not to mention depression.

I know at least half-a-dozen women over 50 with eating disorders, two of whom are showing signs of osteoporosis.