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Although Darice Russell, divorced and 48, has yet to meet her perfect match, she’s been a happy Farmers member for 2 1/2 years.Russell works for AT&T in Lubbock doing computer-assisted design.

“They already knew everybody in their immediate areas. When they did find time, they didn’t want to hang out at a bar.

They wanted to find someone who understood their lifestyle.” The Internet boasts scores of specialized dating sites.

When a match works out well, members tend to let their $15-a-month ($45-a-year) memberships lapse, but occasionally a couple will e-mail Miller gushing about their wedding.

“I met Brian last September 8 on Farmers Only,” Lisa Mc Gregor of Shady Shores, southeast of Denton, wrote Miller. Brian and I are a perfect match, and we knew it almost from the start.” At 50, Mc Gregor, an administrative assistant at a Denton hospital, had never married.

They’d go out a few times, and as the rapport built, he’d invite her to spend the weekend at his place.