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We're only showing you different ways in which you can postpone the installation for any reason that you may have. Although the update brings a lot of great improvements, in the early days of the rollout, it's expected to come across some issues and unknown bugs, especially on older hardware.Sometimes, this isn't a big deal for technical users or enthusiasts, but many regular users who don't have the technical skills, rely on their computers for work or school, and they may be better off waiting a little longer.

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However, if you're using Windows 10 Home on your desktop PC, and you want to delay the Anniversary Update, you can use this previous guide to set your Ethernet connection as metered on Windows 10.

After configuring a metered connection on your device, Windows Update won't download the Anniversary Update or any other update until you revert the changes.

Note: It's worth pointing out that we're not saying don't install the update.

The Anniversary Update is an excellent release that just makes Windows 10 better.

If you missed it, check out our full Windows 10 Anniversary Update review to learn more about all the new changes.