Intimidating shout spell

Use "/juked gui" or "/juked opts" or "/juked config" (v1.3.0) -Added Silencing shot to be reset with Readiness(v1.3.0) -Added Readiness resetting Scatter Shot and Deterrence, may be incomplete(v1.2.9) -Cleaned up some of the code, fixed some errors with repositioning(v1.2.8) -Added individual locking, hiding and smart modes, still possibly buggy(v1.2.7) -Fixed moving, probably still some work to be done there(v1.2.7) -Added /ib smart (v1.2.7) -Cleaned up the help menu some mode, added /juked config to show the current values(v1.2.6) -Added "/juked growleft" to make the icons grow left from the anchor(v1.2.6) -Cleaned up the help menu a bit, feedback is appreciated(v1.2.5) -Added scaling for main bar and prio bar individually(v1.2.5) -Fixed possible problem with Gnaw if used by a transformed ghoul (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4) -Fixed Death Coil cooldown to account for Warlock 4 piece bonus -30 seconds (Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.4) -Fixed cooldown timer restarting (if same CD is popped, restart timer.Thanks Damnationx)(v1.2.3) -Added Inner Focus(v1.2.2) -Added /juked prioonly this will ONLY display cooldowns for spells marked with prio=true (v1.2.1) -Added no CD option to disable the numeric cooldown from Juked(omnicc, etc will display CD)(v1.2) -Fixed some cooldown durations(Thanks Sazalolz for pointing it out)(v1.2) -Externalized the spell table(Thanks Sazalolz for the suggestion)(v1.2) -Bug fixes(v1.1.7) -Added test for all modes(v1.1.6) -Renamed to Juked(v1.1.5) -Fixed scaling(v1.1.4) -Fixed test(v1.1.3) -Fixed prio bar locking(v1.1.3) -Fixed test(v1.1.3) -Added a fix for some versions of omni CC(Thanks Bc for testing)(v1.1.6) -Fixed Rebuke spell ID(v1.1.6) -Can now be accessed from /juked /jd and /ib(kept this cause i kept typing it by accident)(v1.1.6) -Added the option to grow the bars upward from the anchor (1.1.6) -Spell priorities(v1.1.1) -Most relevant arena cooldowns tracked -Added "Smart" mode which only displays cooldowns once they've been used, in the order they were used.Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others. Warlords of Draenor will see dramatic adjustments to existing diminishing returns categories.

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I've spaced it out to one spell per line, should make it easier for most people to modify.

It is not currently possible(to my knowledge) to track Smoke bomb as it does not cause a combat log event.

effect, the bonus auto damage can generate anywhere up to 3% extra DPS, so if you can acquire a powerful version of this ring it will remain Bi S throughout current content.

With the trinkets listed, this assumes that you are comparing against equal item level pieces, therefore in some cases due to the scaling effect, this list can be inaccurate.

Juked has ~65 cooldowns being tracked on the main bar and an optional priority bar where higher priority spells are displayed(interrupts by default).


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