Is there a federal law mandating auto insurance

In addition to the above, you can also sue the party responsible for the accident, in order to recover the costs that you paid which exceed your policy limit. If you are the operator or passenger of a motorcycle involved in an accident, you are excluded from No-Fault benefits (you may sue from first dollar loss).

The department may require applicants to submit evidence of financial ability prior to issuance.

Surety Bond for $35,000 from a California licensed surety company: usually an alternative for commercial insurance, surety bonds are issued as a form of guarantee that the insured driver (the principal) will be liable for any damages or expenses he or she may incur when an accident happens, and the surety company will step in to pay when the principal cannot produce the funds.

Apart from an auto insurance policy, there are three other acceptable forms that can prove you're financially responsible.

However, not every alternative is available to all drivers.

What are some of the more significant regulatory changes in automobile No-Fault insurance that have occurred as a result of the Department’s promulgation of the revised Regulation 68 in September of 2001?