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Charges against the three men accused of attacking former NASCAR driver Mike Wallace and his daughter have been dismissed, according to an ESPN report.

The charges stemmed from a fight June 17 at PNC Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When he first started winning races and championships he was known as `Ironhead', a nickname that evolved into 'The Intimidator', and 10 years after his death pick-up trucks in every corner of the United States proudly still carry their man's No3 emblem as a badge of honour.

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Paul Lucas had four misdemeanor assault charges against him dismissed.

Two misdemeanor assault charges against both Nathan Lucas (Paul’s brother) and Randolph Magnum were also dismissed, according to the ESPN report.

For years they said that one day there would be an almighty multi-car accident because of the crowding caused by running with severely restricted power and terrible throttle response.

In the end, Earnhardt was the first man to die in such an accident.

Wallace responded to an email from NBC Sports and replied, “Rather not make a comment.” Mike Wallace, who has not driven in a NASCAR race since 2015, is the brother of NASCAR Hall of Famer Rusty Wallace and racer/broadcaster Kenny Wallace.