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Getting up in a trance, she moves towards the door, holding on to the frame for support, then sinks to the floor, racked with huge, heaving sobs.After a few minutes the publicist, who is waiting downstairs, comes up to see what is going on.

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“I knew this was coming, I’ve just been holding it together because I had my kids around.” Rahn, 50, dies the following day and Crow tweets, “Today we lost one of our most beloved.

Dave Rahn was a spectacular human being and the best friend you could have.” In two minds about whether to include this extremely private moment in this article, I decide that it shows a lot about Crow, all positive.

Friendly, easy-going company, she says it was her illness that prompted her recent shift into country music.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer I moved [from Los Angeles to Nashville] as I wanted to put down roots and nurture my life in a way that I hadn’t before.

“I was definitely pushed at it, but I loved it too.” The only cloud on her childhood was the time when her father, who defended civil rights, prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan for ballot-rigging, and received death threats. No kid takes that sort of thing in their stride.” She turns to her older sister, Kathy, who has just arrived with a huge array of food.