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They could figure it out.” So I thought, “All right, all right. Paul: Yeah, I mean, the kind of questions that founders ask me are not usually the kind of things that have to be answered at a.m.. I mean, we try everything we can to make people calm during the interview. They asked us so many questions.” Our goal isn’t to badger them with questions and see what happens.

I’ll start angel investing.” So Y-Combinator happened just because I wanted to start angel investing. Sometimes they are, like if someone’s getting acquired, or something like that. So let’s talk about, then, the second group of people. Now we have people waiting outside, talking calmly to them before the interview because we don’t want people to be flustered during the interview. If people are nervous, all it does is add noise to the interview. Andrew: There’s another situation where Kevin told me that he had one vision for what he wanted to do and you had another. Paul: It often happens that the idea for the startup gets crystallized even in that 10-minute interview. I mean, what we do in the interview is we just start doing Y-Combinator.

But it worked so well, we decided, “All right, well, we’re going to keep doing this starting batches and startups all at once.” Initially, though, it was just an accident.

So the whole doing things in batch, we discovered by accident.

I’ve noticed, empirically, there seems to be a high correlation between playing poker and being a successful startup founder.